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TPO Roofing and Roof Systems

TPO Roofing and Roof Systems
Thermoplastic (TPO) roofing is an ideal commercial roofing system as it is reliable, cost effective, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and easily conforms to numerous roofing situations.

TPO Roofing is comprised of three layers – a TPO polymer base, a strong, polyester-reinforced fabric center, and a durable thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply. TPO roofing systems are more resistant to tears, impacts, and punctures than other single ply membranes.

TPO Roofing Benefits:
  • Economical & Reliable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Permanently Welded Seams
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Class A, UL Approved Fire Rating
  • Energy Efficient - ENERGY STAR® Rated

White TPO roofs are highly reflective and carry the coveted ENERGY STAR® Rating. An economical roofing system for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, TPO roofing is common in both low slope and flat roof systems and is also available in a tan, gray and other colors as well.

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