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Metal Roofing and Roof Systems

Metal Roofing and Roof Systems

Metal Roofing and Roof Systems
Available in a wide range of colors and material options, metal roofing is an excellent alternative to traditional shingles in terms of life expectancy and aesthetic appeal. While the up-front costs of installing a metal roof are typically higher, metal roofs will significantly outlast more traditional forms of roofing. Used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, metal roofing is both lightweight and durable and will provide your home or building with:
  • Prolonged Life Expectancy
  • Long Term Aesthetics
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Fire and Wind Resistance
  • High Energy Efficiency

Existing low sloped metal roof systems can be expensive to replace and maintain, however they are great candidates for a Metal Retro Fit system using single ply roofing systems over custom cut/ fabricated insulation board adding insulation R value and a long term water tight roof application that is typically less expensive than other alternatives.


Metal roofing is highly reflective and meets the EPA Energy Star® Roof Products Program performance criteria. Qualify for incentive programs and save money with metal roofing.

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