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While roofing over an existing roof can be cost effective and an acceptable method, a solid dry substrate can prolong the life of most roof systems. In the case of flat roof systems, roof removal can ensure that any moisture trapped between multiple layers of roofing and insulation board is eliminated, and any defects in the roof can be easily identified.

Moisture can deteriorate roof decking, insulation board, roof membrane, and roof seams. Deteriorated decking can be expensive to replace and wet insulation board can loose its R value which can compress and settle, causing fasteners to protrude through the roof system. Additionally, leaks, should they ever develop, can be difficult to detect as water can travel some distance or remain trapped between the two systems without showing and evidence of leaking inside the building.

Thicker roof membranes increase the puncture resistance of the roofing system, which is especially important for roofing that is subject to high foot traffic. Thicker membranes also typically have longer weathering capabilities, increasing the life span of the roof.

Although roof inspections and preventative maintenance are not a substitute for a warranty, our experienced crew members can identify and repair any potential problems that could lead to extensive roof damage and/ or replacement.

The amount of inspections per year depends on the amount and type of trees you have near by.

Our roofing experts can clean any debris from your roof and drains, inspect the roof membrane and seams, and assess the over all condition of your roof as well as recommend what and how many inspections are needed.