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Flat Roof Systems

At Dalstra Roofing, we specialize in flat roof systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.  With over 30 years of experience, our roofing experts are certified in all manner of flat roof systems including:


      Flat Roof Systems


Improper installation of flat roofing can result in major problems that will most likely compromise the water tight integrity and possibly the structural integrity of your roof.   At Dalstra Roofing, we do not sacrifice quality for cost.  Be assured that your flat roof will be installed properly and will perform correctly.


Whether a new construction or a reroofing project, at Dalstra Roofing, we will design and install a flat roof system that will fulfill your unique requirements. 


To request a quote, fill out our quote form or please contact us at 616.363.3228 to discuss your flat roofing project and let our experienced team determine the best solution for your application.
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